FlareJet - The High Compression Waste Gas Recovery Solution

Transvac’s FlareJet™ solution is a complete, turnkey zero-flare solution for the oil & gas industry. Providing up to 150:1 compression, FlareJet™ recovers waste gasses with ease and eliminates the need for flaring outside of emergency situations. Using experience gained over 40 years and fine tuned in our state of the art R&D test facility, FlareJet™ offers the very latest in cutting-edge Ejector technology and performance. Waste gasses are compressed and discharged at a specified pressure to suit required the downstream process. In most cases, recovered gas can be returned to production or is used as fuel gas on the facility..

FlareJet, Transvac's patented liquid driven Ejector, capable of gas compressions upto 150:1.


FlareJet™ does not interfere with local ESD procedures and is intended to recover gasses continually sent to flare, such as purge, separator and knock-out drum gasses. Simple control philosophies cater for varying inlet (flare gas) flow rates and ensure upstream process is not affected. With no moving parts, the FlareJet™ Ejector can handle both solids (such as sand) and sour gasses without issue. Special-grade ceramic internals are employed to resist abrasion and ensure reliability.

Flare Gas Recovery using available HP water to drive the Ejector


Reinjection of waste gas & CO2 Sequestration

Transvac's FlareJet™ Ejectors offer a suitable method of compressing waste gas for reinjection down-hole, eliminating the need for flaring. Existing injection water pumps can be used to supply high pressure water to the FlareJet™ Ejector which entrains and compresses the waste gas. The Ejector then discharges the compressed gas/HP fluid back down-hole. In many instances, the reinjected fluid is used for resevoir flooding/EOR techniques - an additional benefit.

Carbon Capture & Storage (CSS) / CO2 sequestration can also be achieved with Transvac's FlareJet™ Ejectors. The technique is the same, using HP water to gather, compress and reinject CO2 into the resevoir. If water cannot be reinjected, a separation stage can be added downstream of the Ejector.

Flare Gas Recovery using available HP Compressor Gas to drive the Ejector, complete with automated control on the Ejector recycle line.